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Continuing on from our previous post, What Valentine's Day Might Look Like This Year, we hope we were able to guide you in the right direction to determine your Valentine experience this year. Depending on your preference and the type of Valentine you identify as, we’ve come up with an additional list of things to do with your loved ones, including your friends.

Remember, no matter what type of Valentine experience you wish to have, please enjoy it with your loved ones and celebrate, uplift and support one another. If you happen to take us up on one of our suggestions, we would love to know how your day turned out. Definitely let us know in the comments if these ideas were helpful for you and yours.

Let's begin!


Valentine's Day is reserved strictly for you and your best girls. It is an all day affair to celebrate and uplift the most important friendships in your life regardless of relationship status. If this is you, grab your girls and meet them on Zoom for a Virtual Boozy Brunch!

You’ll need two key things, Booze and Brunch! So, look up the menu from your usual brunch spot and decide on food and cocktail options. A quick google search will allow you to efficiently source the ingredients in preparation for your day. If you are anything like us, what you wear is equally as important as how the space looks. Collectively decide on a dress code that is flattering to all and draft up an agreement for each girl to show up with an attitude to party.

Your virtual Boozy Brunch starts off in the kitchen with a laptop facing each girl as she diligently follows a brunch recipe. Watch an online tutorial together showing you how to create a fancy cocktail you and your friends will enjoy. Alternatively, you can grab some Boozy pops or cocktails from Bad & Boozy NY. Set the vibes by connecting the audio to a playlist that gets all your girls in the right state of mind. Once brunch is served, throw on your best outfit, indulge in banter, play fun and exciting games while taking turns being the DJ.

Although we are stuck indoors, making an effort to dress up, smell nice and feel good on Valentine’s Day with our girls is a way to cement this memory within your friendship circle. You ultimately make the rules so, if you want to have a dance party or focus on self care, do exactly that! Being surrounded by a group of women who support you might just be the best gift to receive.


The love of your life lives in a different city, province or country but you usually get to spend this time with each other in person. Your favourite thing to do on this day is to visit your restaurant that has played an integral part in your relationship. Valentines Day means so much to you both but the restrictions this year put a big STOP sign on all your plans.

Luckily, we are here to help you plan the best virtual date ever!

  1. To ensure that this day is unique, find a cute new spot in your home to video call your partner from.

  2. Using the best lighting, natural or artificial, position your device to capture the entire experience - your gorgeous face, the beautiful background and a high quality meal.

  3. Create a restaurant experience at home by picking up a Valentine's Day meal curbside from your local restaurant.

  4. To elevate this virtual event, buy matching dinnerware similar to a restaurant experience and order a few flowers from your local florist.

  5. Set the tone using candles because, who honestly doesn't love a warm and intimate ambiance?

  6. Balloons are a quick way to dress up your background and can be easily recreated using balloon kits from here.

  7. Don't forget to dress up, smell good and adopt a fun and exciting outlook to celebrate your relationship with your lovebird.

Most importantly, treat it like a real date!


Valentines Day for others might just require no effort at all and that’s just as exciting! Spending quality time with your partner should only be dictated by what you deem as fun and entertaining. Streaming a movie together might just be what you need, although settling on what to watch might be the headache you don’t need. If you are as indecisive as us when it comes to choosing a movie on Netflix, we’ve helped narrow down your movie options to a few promising diverse love stories.

If you are big on the realities of love, Malcolm and Marie will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Brace yourself for this story about love and the complexities that come along with it. This movie is actually a personal favourite right now and I hope you enjoy it as well.

If you want to be reminded of the excitement that comes with your first love, watch all 3 parts of To all The Boys I’ve Loved. Take this chance to revisit your past when you fell in love for the first time. Or, stay optimistic about finding a partner if you are single and very ready to get out there.

For some light hearted fun, watch The Lovebirds as it takes you on a quirky adventure with a couple faced with the realities of the law.

We truly hope we are able to decrease the sizeable headache that is paired with selecting a movie because it truly is an art form! We hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day while enjoying the company of your loved one and a movie.

For more options, please click here to access Part 1 of our Valentine's Journal entry. Go ahead and also read the piece we wrote on our most recent design, Modern and Elegant Geometric Valentine's Day.

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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