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The year is 2021 so depending on where you live, the concept of Valentine’s Day or Date Night for that matter might look completely different to you. The joy we experience from celebrating the gift of love is definitely not specific to Valentine’s Day, however, the world coming together to honour your loved ones on this day is a beautiful tradition worth highlighting.

We’ve had to be creative while finding ways to mark these special and sentimental moments with our loved ones for the past year. Here at Style X Events we define ourselves as individuals who diligently chase great experiences so depending on your preference and the type of Valentine you identify as, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of things to do with your loved ones this year.


The idea of two people gazing into each other’s eyes connected by the Spaghetti Kiss (think Lady and the Tramp) greatly excites you because in that moment, no one else but you two exist. If you are screaming “Just the two of us please”, a traditional intimate setup might be what you need. Creating a beautiful tablescape can be a very fun and creative process if you allow it to be. If you want to elevate your table this year, commit to a theme! Acquire all the decorative pieces you need and play around with movement as you set your table. If you need help, you can watch our Holiday Tablescape video to walk through a step by step tutorial on how and why we chose specific decorative pieces. Most importantly, this is an invite only for just you two so please indulge in great food and conversation!

You could also create your very own indoor picnic using repurposed household items to create an intimate setting. At the beginning of lockdown in 2020, we showed you how exactly to create an intimate setting at home which you can access here for a step by step tutorial.


The idea of simply stuffing your face and remaining dormant might sound suffocating to you. Being able to move your body and raise your blood levels might easily be the best way to spend this day with yours in lockdown. So much has moved online which gives us the flexibility to choose from a plethora of options across geographical areas. As experience chasers, indulging in activities that brings us closer to others and evokes all the right feelings sounds like the perfect way to spend this day.

Take turns deciphering what activities you both enjoy as a couple and settle on one, two or three that support both interests. If you both enjoy a good cocktail, you can immerse yourself in the world of mixology by taking a virtual mixology experiential class. If you want to put your hands to great use, how about your very own at home paint and sip party? Simply order art supplies and create your own works of art. If you enjoy music or singing, grab a karaoke machine and sing to your heart’s content or to your neighbour’s annoyance, you decide!

For a broad range of activities check AirBnB for their online experiences that are easily accessible. Remember, being open minded and eager to explore what is out there, results in unexpected results.


The saying “three is a crowd” does not apply to you because you love the company of your friends! Valentine’s Day each year has been marked with your partner and close friends celebrating the union and love you have for each other. If you identify as this individual, a virtual double date might be the solution for you during this period. It only requires good food, good drinks, great conversations, a stable internet connection and a beautiful ambiance.

You can start off by choosing a time that works for your entire crew and a platform that adequately accommodates you and your friends. If you all live in the same region, order food from the same restaurant for a collective as well as individual tasting experience. For great conversations and laughter, play games like Kahoot or introduce a sing along with a karaoke machine that is sure to get everyone involved! No matter what you decide, it is more about the energy of who you are surrounded by and being able to do this virtually is an excellent alternative.

No matter what type of Valentine you are, please enjoy it with your loved ones and celebrate, uplift and support one another responsibly.

If you are interested in more ideas, click here for Part Two!

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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