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Turning a year older at any age is worth celebrating but many of us get stumped when deciding how best to celebrate our birthdays. This desperation is no different for parents of infants that embark on an endless pursuit scouring the internet to find the right birthday idea that captures their child’s personality.

A birthday celebration involving food, drinks and many guests might be unrealistic to some eager parents so why not opt for a birthday photoshoot that their kids can hold onto forever? Well thought out photoshoots marking your birthday are becoming increasingly popular and believe it or not, one year old photoshoots have become a staple in many communities.

For parents enamoured by the idea of a birthday photoshoot that goes beyond a cake smash, you’ve come to the right place! If you are looking for one year old photoshoot ideas for your child turning one, keep reading on to see if this Garden Themed Photoshoot at home describes your child:

One year old photoshoot ideas for girls

For this first birthday, our client was unable to host a birthday party with family and friends due to lockdown restrictions. So, we opted for a vibrant birthday setup at home that involved some flowers, balloons and butterflies that a photographer could easily capture. Our client’s beautiful baby girl is vibrant, adventurous, and free as a winged animal, so we chose colours and elements that reflected those qualities.