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Whether you are hosting an outdoor or indoor dinner party for family or friends, we almost always want to make sure our homes look clean, smell fresh and our guests feel comfortable from the moment they step into our divine spaces. Throwing an elegant dinner party is not reserved for the rich nor famous because it is accessible to all of us under the right guidance and direction.

An elegant dinner party has four essentials - great tasting food, a variety of drinks, good music that naturally makes you sway from left to right and a beautifully laid out table setting where guests convene to enjoy each other's company. Not only are we experts at swaying our hips but we are also well versed in the art of table setting, so we are here to help you elevate your next dinner party using key items that you are most certainly familiar with.

If you are committed to elevating the ambiance of your events as a host, keep reading on for Dinner Party Decor ideas that will wow your guests every time!


We've all had a somewhat uniform experience holding a wine glass and interacting with the smoothness of the glass whether it is in our homes or at our favourite restaurant. Uniqueness in a table setting can be introduced in the simplest way - simply swap out the familiar and incorporate glassware with decorative trimmings, bold colours, artistic shaping and interesting finishing that excite you.

For glassware, simply think TEXTURE when choosing pieces to complement your table setting. At your next dinner party, I hope you'll be toasting to good times and future endeavours while holding a unique glass filled with your drink of choice.


The informal formality of assigned seating at your dinner party exudes a level of elegance your guests will appreciate. As your guests walk into your home and find their way to the seat, they will be enamoured by this level of detail. Using place cards your guests can take home is a great use of your money and a personal touch your family and friends will really appreciate.

Place cards are the perfect accessory for any dinner party and paper alternatives are an even better option! Depending on your party guests, calligraph rose quartz for the guests that are connected to crystals, personalize desserts for the guests with a sweet tooth or for your adventurous group of friends, inscribe luggage tags with their names. There are endless possibilities of what you can use as place cards but the key here is to choose pieces that will be meaningful to you and your guests.


Table linen lays the foundation of your table design but the canvas doesn't have to be plain and white like the go to white tablecloth we pull out when hosting guests in our home. To step up your dining experience, be intentional with incorporating pieces that challenge your creativity and quite frankly scare you a little bit. The idea here is to choose table cloths and napkins with exciting prints, patterns, textures or colours .

An emerald green tablecloth paired with a block printed napkin might be the wow factor you didn't know was missing. Sometimes, your table linen might just be the focal point of your dinner party. Trust us! Being adventurous with your table linen and exploring the mix of prints, patterns, textures and colours is a creative investment with high returns.


Flowers are always a nice touch to your table setting but how does a floating ceiling floral installation sound? This unexpected use of flowers at your dinner party is a beautiful conversation starter and I can guarantee you, will leave your guests stunned.

Don't be intimidated by the grandiosity of this floral installation because it is indeed, extremely achievable and only requires a few products. You can craft your floral cloud using these essential items:

  • Chicken wire

  • Self Adhesive Hooks

  • Fishing Wire or Rope

  • Florals and Greenery of your choice

For a step by step video on how to master the wow piece of your dinner party, watch this video by BoConcept.


The level of artistry in the candle making industry has surpassed the simple white and smooth candles of varying heights that we've grown accustomed to. To elevate your tablescape, opt for candles that don't fade into the background but are a central piece to bringing the overall design to its knees!

Candles provide height and warmth at your table and if you choose right, can also provide colour, texture and unique shapes that complement your decor pieces. Think scale, textures, shapes and colours when choosing your next candle.

Elegance is attainable and you have all the tools it takes to creating something special for you and your guests at your next dinner party.

I would love to hear from you in the comments and hope these tips helped you!

With Love, The Style X Events Team - Connect with Style X Events on all social platforms Instagram Facebook Youtube Pinterest


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