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At Style X Events, we have positioned ourselves as great storytellers in the events industry as we give meaning to every design we work on. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we worked on a tablescape for two that has a modern and elegant aesthetic using non traditional colours. Valentine’s Day this lockdown can just be as exciting and elegant for you and your partner.

Inspired by lovers on this day, we chose to not relay a love story but a story about love. Although Valentine’s Day is heavily romanticized, we celebrate the ups and downs of relationships characterized by pain and pleasure that most people experience. This story exhibits the toggle between pain and pleasure that co-exists in many relationships on a tablescape. We conveyed this real message through the colours we chose, Black and Gold.

The chicness of black and the elegance of gold combined to create a beautiful tablescape with such a modern appeal. Culturally, black is representative of pain and gold, that of love and wisdom so these colours provided the balance we needed for our table and our story.

Our entire design was inspired by Geometric shapes and clean lines. This inspiration was exhibited throughout the design, most noticeably in the centrepiece decor, heart shaped cookies, stationary and gift boxes. By placing emphasis on the shapes and lines, we reached out to Bliss Creations to make black geometric desserts that have so much texture in a heart. We loved this addition and it tasted amazing!

We refer to many couples as lovebirds casually but did you know that the term lovebirds originated from the 14th and 15th centuries through its association with the lovebirds of early spring? We used this term of endearment as a key feature on our tablescape and an important element of our story. Using an origami bird was a no brainer as we based our design off intricate shapes and lines.

The stationery used was inscribed with lovebirds and we couldn’t have been happier. The place cards, coasters and gift box labels were a nice touch that added so much more appeal and visual interest to this tablescape.

Valentine's Day is known for the exchange of gifts between loved ones or amongst family and friends so we wanted to capture this sentiment of giving oneself to another through gift boxes distributed throughout the table.

We breathe life into our designs and appreciate the deviation from what is expected. We love the modern yet simple appeal of this setup and working with colours that inspire each design.

Like many of you restricted by the lockdown regulations, find ways to be inspired this Valentine’s Day and work with colours and pieces that inspire you. Creativity comes from within and is inspired by any and everything.

We hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day wherever you are.

For tips on what to do for Valentine's Day, visit our journal entry, What Valentine's Day Might Look Like This Year for ideas depending on what kind of Valentine you self identify as.

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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