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Intimate weddings, popularly known as "Micro Weddings" have taken over the wedding industry for obvious reasons and we are not at all surprised by this trend turned staple. Smaller weddings to some might sound like a mundane concept but to others, the idea of having only your closest family and friends witness this momentous celebration feels exactly like a wedding should, home.

For others, the financial investment associated with creating your dream wedding drastically dwindles as the guest list is reduced to closest family and friends. Don't be deceived into thinking that a smaller wedding equates to a bland one! In fact, the return on your investment for a smaller wedding is just as high, as designers have more room to fully expand on the details and personalize the experience for you and your guests.

From our previous article, we lightly touched on the flexibility associated with wedding venues as you plan your intimate wedding. In this article, we are going to discus just how smaller weddings provide you with the unique opportunity to host your wedding in non traditional venues.

Let's dive straight into 5 Unique Wedding Venues for your Intimate Wedding celebration:


When deciding where to accommodate your guests, you can start off by thinking of places you both love to visit. Think of your favourite restaurant you adore for their beautifully plated and divine cuisine, the character of the existing decor and the warm ambiance that engulfs you while dining in. Your favourite restaurant is your favourite restaurant for a reason so the sentimental value it holds will be an added bonus on your wedding day.

Restaurants are unique spaces that are designed to accommodate guests, provide food and drinks and cater to the basic needs of guests so it is the perfect place to start looking for wedding venues. You have the option of hosting your wedding and reception in a private dining room or patio, or simply buying out the restaurant if it is well within the budget. The option of bypassing the rental fee and instead paying a guaranteed food and beverage minimum is an added bonus you didn't know you needed!

STYLE TIP: For an amazing dining experience, go through the menu with the restaurant manager and chef to ensure that specific drinks and desserts you like are included in the food and drinks minimum.


You can get really creative with your wedding venue because fewer guests simply give you the opportunity to do so! Now is the time to really think outside of the box and recognize the beauty in the seemingly ordinary all around you. Take a library for example, you don't have to be a fan of literature to appreciate the character of the immaculate architecture these books are housed in. The historic nature of most libraries and the ornate architecture and interiors of most libraries are rooted in history that add to the beauty of your wedding.

STYLE TIP: You can also get married on the stairs leading to the library


If an intimate wedding should feel just like home to you, why not have your wedding at home to signify this sentiment? If the idea of your dream wedding at home surrounded by your closest family and friends stirs up a strong positive emotional reaction, this might just be the venue for you! Every home is unique and offers meaningful opportunities to personalize this celebration to you and your guests' experience. Depending on the size of your home and layout, work with your designer to efficiently utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces that creates a flow for your guests and the order of events.

Hosting your wedding at home eliminated the venue rental fee which gives you room to focus on aspects of the wedding that you and your guests will remember - decor, catering, drinks and music. Elevate the decor by using tents outdoors, curate a delicious menu that appeals to most palates, create signature drinks that are memorable and fun, invest in a reputable DJ and rent luxury portable restrooms to supplement the existing amenities. The freedom to creatively transform your outdoor space and create a wedding venue to your specifications is a good reason why your home is a top contender in wedding venues.

STYLE TIP: If you are married to the concept of having a wedding at home but don't have the physical space, you can reach out to a relative to host your wedding.


We are fortunate enough to live in a world where people offer their gorgeous homes to strangers for a limited period of time in exchange for funds. AirBnB is home to some of the most amazing properties in the world that can be rented out for your personal use. In comparison to traditional wedding venues, these homes are much more affordable and with a limit on the guest count, you have access to a myriad of houses with varying styles and price range.

The emphasis on creating an experience for both you and your guests is paramount, so if the house has enough rooms to accommodate you and your guests, you can have guests stay before and after the wedding for a full range of activities. Before you make a deposit on the house, make sure to confirm with the host that they can accommodate wedding celebrations and the use of external vendors on their property. Peruse through various AirBnB listings to find the perfect wedding venue for your celebration with your closest friends and family.

STYLE TIP: Reading reviews and researching the host are security measures to take to avoid leasing from an unreliable party.


The opportunity to have your small wedding celebration in any venue of your choosing is a perfect example of a gift that keeps on giving. If you've ever been to an Art Gallery, the first thing you'll notice is the art on the walls which naturally adds character to any space. Your rental fee comes with the use of the art that will look great in pictures and can be the perfect conversation starter during cocktail hour as your guests move from one art piece to the next.

You'll quickly notice the open floor concept of art galleries which is a good starting point when choosing your wedding venue. The layout of any space is important to the design and flow so the versatility of this open floor concept allows you to create something magical and unique to you. With the walls adorned with art and installations, there will be ample floor space to create the wedding of your dreams and you can introduce decor that will complement the art and elevate the overall space. Choosing an Art Gallery for your wedding venue might just be the perfect backdrop to your wedding celebration if you allow it to be.

STYLE TIP: Every gallery is unique to the type of artists they represent so visit a couple of galleries to identify which type of art speaks to you as a couple.


Let us know what you think of these wedding venues and suggest some venues in the comments below!

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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