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We've worked on many marriage proposals but this cross country marriage proposal is definitely one of our favourites! Our point of reference for this design was the happiest moment the couple shared together - a road trip from Ontario to British Columbia. The beauty of design is that each creative endeavour is unique to a couple’s story and this marriage proposal was no different!

Thank you Monosifon for beautifully capturing our work!

We had the pleasure of creating a surprise proposal in the rec room of our client’s home as access to venues in March were limited due to lockdown restrictions. There is beauty in disappointment as it forces you to reimagine and redesign. We opted to create an experience that captured key elements of their relationship and the amazing journey they have experienced thus far within the comfort and privacy of their home.

Inspired by their journey from Vancouver to Toronto, scenery and lights were key elements we wanted to incorporate into the space. To set the mood, we used hanging lights that fully transformed the space and was reminiscent of their drive through different cities at different times of the day observing lights. The vibrant colour palette holds significance to the couple so we hand selected flowers that evoke excitement and immediately set the tone. To capture the scenery of their favourite trip, we used greenery and gorgeous flowers to create a walkway that guided his significant other to the designated spot where they will begin their new chapter.

We take delight in transforming spaces and are still obsessing over every detail! The hanging lights and custom painted balloons are a few of our favourites but most importantly, it was the surprise and genuine human emotions that were the highlight of the service we provided. Imagine stepping out to dinner with your loved one for three hours and returning home to a familiar space only for it to be fully transformed by lights, flowers, greenery and balloons!

If you are on a deep hunt for marriage proposal ideas, remember to anchor it on the experience of you and your significant other. Most importantly, the realization that an ideal marriage proposal is one that is unique to you two will go a long way in the planning and designing process! Congratulations to the couple and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

We had a blast creating this design and would like to thank Monosifon and Fizco for capturing the perfect marriage proposal!

We would love to hear from you by letting us know in the comments how you would like to be proposed to.

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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