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Located in the Gaslight District, Tapestry Hall is a unique modern event spaced housed in a historic limestone factory. Tapestry Hall features a breathtaking multi-million dollar ceiling installation, Meander comprised of spheres, columns and canopies that was specifically created to engage back with you. Designed by Canadian architect and designer, Philip Beesley, the Meander is the largest permanent living architecture sculpture in the world.

The Meander, although breathtaking is just one of many eye catching features the venue has to offer. From its industrial chic vibes, original metal works, exposed beams, high ceilings, rustic gears and superior art installations, Tapestry Hall is definitely a Canadian wedding venue you should be looking at!

We are definitely not surprised if you've fallen in love with Tapestry Hall already and are eager to book this venue in Cambridge as soon as possible! Tapestry Hall is truly one of a kind but how do you ensure that this is the right wedding venue for you? You do this by asking very specific questions as discussed in our Wedding Venue series on helping you make the best decision when planning a wedding. It is important to remember that every venue comes with its own unique limitations so being equipped with as much information as you can gather will move you closer to picking the wedding venue that's right for you.

We had the amazing opportunity to connect with the Director of Business Development at Tapestry Hall, Christina Marshall to discuss 5 questions that every clients needs to ask before booking a wedding venue:


Although Tapestry Hall is immaculately designed, you might want to add, rearrange or remove decor from the space to suit your wedding aesthetic. For this reason alone, it is extremely important to get familiar with any restrictions that might be in place at Tapestry Hall when deciding on the best wedding venue for you.

The undeniable appeal of Tapestry Hall is rooted in the architecture and design of the existing structure so let's see just how far you can push the creative envelope."The living architecture multi-million dollar installation on the ceiling can not be rearranged as it is a permanent fixture in the space and all the wall decor such as the tapestry style metal plaid walls are also not able to be rearranged, however you can put draping up throughout the space anywhere if you so desire" says Christina. "The only restrictions would be that guests are not allowed to use tape, gum, sticky adhesive, nailing or tacking decor on the walls or ceiling."

If you are interested in hanging various elements within the venue, Christina suggests an alternative method that utilizes the existing structure."They can however use magnets on the metal found throughout the space should they want to hang something." says Christina."As for existing decor, the decor elements that are modular such as centrepieces, linens, chairs, tables, lounge furniture, rolling dividers can all be rearranged."


A successful wedding is realized by the expertise and hard work of various vendors that are responsible for the many moving pieces that are combined to create magic. Most wedding venues offer a preferred vendor list of professionals that have experience working within the space so there might be stipulations on the kind of vendors that are welcomed.

Tapestry Hall offers a preferred vendor's list to all clients, however this lavish venue is open to couples bringing in external vendors to create the wedding style of your dreams with just one exception. "We do require clients to exclusively use our culinary and beverage services, so no external catering when renting our venue, but we do allow external event designers, florists , DJs, photographers etc" says Christina. "Our culinary department is absolutely incredible. Led by our Culinary Director Andrew Ellerby, the food at our venue is really a foodies dream!"


The quality of sound, equipment, space and noise restrictions at a wedding venue can sometimes dictate your choice in wedding entertainment. We always highlight music as one the three core elements that make any event special! Paying attention to the sound detail is a very necessary step to ensure that you and your guests have a great experience.

"We certainly can accommodate DJ's and or live bands, actually we live for the use of awesome sound in our space!" gushes Christina. It is no surprise that the Tapestry Hall has immaculate superior sound quality."The venue was designed to be used for concerts, and the sound quality is incredible! The acoustics are world-class. We offer both in-house standard sound, which is a high-end sound system or the ultimate in sound with our concert/theatre style sound system which includes two Denali line array speakers" says Christina. "Noise levels are enforced as per by-law regulations. Currently under pandemic restrictions, further noise restrictions are in place in conjunction with the Ontario's pandemic zone restrictions." adds Christina.


To avoid additional costs the day after your wedding, always remember to book a wedding venue bearing in mind vendor delivery, setup and breakdown of the ceremony and reception. Tapestry Hall can accommodate early drop offs and late pickups... but it is dependent on various factors as Christina describes in detail.

"Depending on what time the venue has been rented for, we do accommodate such timing. For example - if a corporate event starts in the a.m., we would accommodate early drop off, we also can prearrange such things for the day before if bookings allow but is negotiated on a case by case basis and really does depend on what we have booked in the space the day before. For an evening wedding , couples have the space from 10 am and can drop off any time after that unless otherwise arranged with our planning team. We do however require all rental items out of the space by 2 am or there are additional fees." says Christina.


Gauging the risk of setbacks that can result from your wedding venue hosting multiple events on your wedding day is a proactive approach to wedding preparation. From our conversation with Christina, we discovered that the venue actually has two spaces, Tapestry Hall and The Tap Room that can accommodate multiple weddings within a day.

"Typically we would allow 2 weddings a day that could be running simultaneously as they are in different spaces. Weddings are typically on Saturdays and Fridays and clients have exclusive use of each space from 10 am." says Christina. With exclusive access to any venue, you can avoid chaos that is associated with the overlap of 2 events held within a day by a complete buyout. For exclusivity, Christina advises," If a guest rents the whole venue, then there would only be one event in the space on that day"

We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to Christina for allowing us to have an inside look at the Tapestry Hall and answering all our questions that focused on the experience of the couple, guests and vendors as well as venue accommodations.

After reading this piece, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision about Tapestry Hall when booking your wedding venue. You can book a virtual tour with the Tapestry Hall online to explore the space and the beautiful aesthetic it has to offer. To prepare for your meeting with Tapestry Hall, read our article, "Why You Should Ask These 10 Questions Before Booking Your Wedding Venue" to discover a few more questions you can ask the coordinator.

Let us know in the comments if this Q&A was helpful in your wedding planning process. You can also suggest a few more wedding venues you'd like us to reach out to to conduct another Q&A session.

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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