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The financial investment into any wedding can be a very expensive undertaking so there is no surprise that there is even a Netflix show that let’s couples choose between a wedding or a mortgage on a house. The pandemic has rewritten how we live our lives and also altered the way we interact with others forever. The wedding industry was brought to its knees and a new style of wedding emerged and gained popularity really fast!

The term, Micro Weddings simply refers to weddings that have a guest count of up to 50 people. For some of you that is simply describing a smaller wedding which you were always planning to have. For others, the idea of a smaller wedding was incredibly unfamiliar as the concept of a wedding celebration demanded your childhood best friend's mum's sister-in-law and her second cousin to be present at this very special time in your life. The idea that you can limit your guest count and make this day as intimate as you want for both you and your guests is an incredibly freeing concept.

Let's get straight into helping you plan your intimate wedding.


Prior to finalizing your guest list, decide where you want to have your wedding ceremony with your closest friends and family. A smaller wedding allows you to pick very interesting venues as you are now accommodating way less guests. Your local cafe, library, parks, galleries and restaurants are good places to start because they might be able to accommodate a party of 50. Reach out to your favourite restaurant or the local art gallery for example and inquire about hosting your wedding ceremony and reception there.

If your home and backyard can accommodate your ceremony, even better! Your intimate wedding can be from the comfort of your safe space.


As an event designer, we love the decor that warms and elevates any space but let’s be real, you can easily do without all the bells and whistles. We would love to be on site creating the perfect backdrop that will be written into your love story but we highly suggest you cover the three most important items first. The food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and music are a central part to you and your guests' experience because people bond over great food, refreshing drinks and music that energizes you.


Trust us when we say there is no better feeling than being able to relive a very special moment in the form of visuals or through our imagination. We tear up watching videos or glossing through pictures of our clients so imagine what that feeling might be like for the celebrant! Documenting this day either through pictures or videos is so important irrespective of the wedding size. An intimate wedding allows your photographer or videographer to cover more ground and capture all those amazing shared moments.


If the idea of planning and design your wedding sounds daunting, you could easily partner with an event designer with an hourly rate to help with the setup, organization and coordination. You can also utilize the expertise of family and friends who are adept at baking, cooking, mixology or floral arrangements. Be resourceful and take advantage of what is around you in a respectful and ethical manner. Your local florist or flower shop is also a great place to scout for flowers that will spruce up your wedding ceremony and reception.

The point is, a smaller wedding doesn't mean you can't have the best of the best which experts are a great resource for.


Your intimate wedding can be customized to suit your needs and preferences because why not! A wedding of any size can be as traditional or non traditional as you want it to be but with micro weddings, couples are really making it more about themselves and not basing their decisions on the perception of others. With a closer circle of loved ones around you, it is the most freeing time to be your true self and do what you love the best.

If looking and feeling good is in a black dress, absolutely wear that to your wedding. If the idea of a three tiered wedding cake makes you nauseous, you can opt for fabulous desserts instead. Play by your own rules and make it meaningful to you.


With smaller weddings, you can really personalize the experience for your guests and make it unforgettable for them as it is for you. If you've cut down your guest list, there is likely more room in the budget to really customize details that will leave your guests feeling special. A thank you note to each guest present, personalized wedding souvenirs and unique touches that allow you to connect with your guests are a few examples of things you can do for your marriage celebration.

Happy planning and definitely let us know in the comments if this article was useful to you.

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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