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You feel undeniably ready to take your romantic relationship to the next level. So, you mentally and financially prepare to make that commitment. For some, the next step is to create an unforgettable and unique experience for both you and your partner. Whether you plan this setup on your own or outsource to an event designer, we believe it is important to usher in the next phase of your lives in a very unique way.

Unique in this case doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive! A very simple way to do this is to transform your home into the perfect backdrop for your proposal. Bypass the investment into a venue and simply breathe new life into a very familiar space, your home. We love proposals at home especially because the surprise of returning home to a familiar space only to be engulfed by a pleasantly new ambiance elevates the surprise even further.

For E & A, we transformed their dining room, a commonly used shared space using timeless colours white and green to signify fresh new beginnings and a new chapter! She was extremely surprised to walk into her dining room only to feel the warmth of the candles, the grandeur of the beautiful balloon installation and the walkway to be asked a very important question, “Will You Marry Me”

If you are a hands on individual and would love to create this experience for yourself, you can absolutely create an unforgettable experience for you and yours using balloons, florals and a very positive outlook. The Social Calendar has amazing balloons and accessories you can buy to transform your home into your very own Oasis. Make sure you also visit your local florist and grab some Italian ruscus and roses as they are available all year round.

Happy planning and definitely let us know in the comments if this article was useful to you.

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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