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Depending on where you live, you might be celebrating Mother's Day in isolation for a second time in a row due to the restrictions of the Coronavirus. Despite our peculiar circumstances again this year, we are very excited to celebrate the women in our lives that provided for us and also protected us over the years. There is no doubt that the word "Mum" is synonymous to superhero. Mothers are the backbone of society so showing them just how much we appreciate their contributions is a celebration always worth having.

Regardless of the proximity to your mother or mother like figure, there are still many ways to safely celebrate and shower these amazing women you love with kind words, sincere gestures and encouraging words. If you are on the hunt for practical fun and bold gifts for your mum, spouse, mother-figure, sibling, friend or even for yourself, here are 5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas we hope inspire you.


1. ART

Instead of a Mother's Day card this year, how about gifting the special women in your life with a keepsake also made from paper? Growing up, we all probably created art in some form that was either framed or put on the fridge by our ever doting and proud mums. Reminiscent of such simpler times, we know that gifting your mum with professional art that she can hang in the hallway or living room is the perfect Mother's Day gift.

We appreciate all art forms but we are especially drawn to Line Art in female form because it depicts a strong and very feminine energy. Mothers are an undeniable beacon of strength in society because of their incomparable contributions. Surprise your mum with custom art that is representative of her strength and divine energy by purchasing Art Prints from Trisha Abe. Trisha Abe is your go to for Line Art beautifully designed in female form! Her work proudly represents women, diversity and an unyielding spirit that we are consistently inspired by.



Have you ever met a mother that didn't need a vacation? Mamas need vacations too! And when that time comes for relaxation, she is going to need a trusted bathing suit she can venture out in. When vacation calls, we want your mother, wife or mother like figure in your life to answer that call in stunning swimwear that oozes confidence.

There are a plethora of swimwear stores to choose from today but we are unabashedly obsessed with Andrea Iyamah swimwear that caters to every woman with different body types. The 2021 swimwear collection is bold, detailed and designed to accentuate and support the feminine figure. Expertly designed and crafted, these bathing suits easily double as a stylish top that she can pair with her favourite clothing of choice. Two for one special right? Trust us, we have a few AI swimsuits in our closet and we know any woman will feel confident in one of these swimsuits from the AI collection linked below.



There isn't a Mother's Day that goes by without florists being in high demand! Flowers are God's gift to earth and it is no surprise that we love to adorn the women in our lives with these fresh beauties. Realistically, not everyone is equipped to take great care of flowers plus they eventually wither away.

A great alternative to invest in this Mother's Day is dried and preserved flowers that will thrive for long periods of time. Dried florals have become a staple in the design world because they are ultra chic and require minimal maintenance. No water! No sunlight! No flower food! Simply let them be! Visit Preserved and Pretty or Miss Fleurs to send dried floral arrangements that your mum will appreciate forever (because they last for a really long time).