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We all arrived on this Earth through the beautiful vessel that is a Woman's Body. She journeyed each day with the heavy load of our weight as we developed from a poppy seed to a jackfruit. We drew nourishment from her body to guarantee our survival while she protected us for 280 days weathering all storms that were thrown at her. Although we made our grand exit from the womb, her role as our provider and protector didn't cease to exist! Till today, she carries our weight, protects us, nourishes our bodies, nourishes our minds and loves us unconditionally.

May 9th 2021, is a very special day on the Calendar Year because we will be celebrating and honouring the impact of women on a global scale for their outstanding performance as a Mother. Mother's Day isn't limited to the women we share a DNA connection with but includes the amazing women in our lives who have taken on the role of being present, loving and supportive mother like figures. There is absolutely no debate surrounding the physical and emotional toll of conceiving and then raising a child. We might be in yet another lockdown, but we are so keen on making sure that mums have the best Mother's Day even in a lockdown.

We can agree that most people bond over Food, Drinks and Entertainment and mother's are no exception. Most mums look forward to a day where they can simply, RELAX! This Mother's Day, you can create an experience for your mum that allows her to to rest her body and mind and enter into a world that is catered to her needs. Today, we'll be focusing on affordable activities you can enjoy with your Mother that are easily accessible even in a lockdown!

Treat your mum this Sunday to a day of relaxation where she is doted on with love and is reminded of her superb contributions as a member of the most elite group, Mothers!


Wake your mum up to the aroma of delicious food permeating throughout the house by making your very own Breakfast à la Mummè or ordering breakfast from her favourite local restaurant. You can be as innovative as you like because trust us, your wife or mum is going to be appreciative of your efforts in the kitchen. She will be even happier to wake up to a clean house the following day, so don't forget to clean up before you go to bed!

We've scoured through the internet to find breakfast recipes that will be ideal for Mother's Day. Without breaking the bank, you can elevate common breakfast meals by adding in some fresh new ingredients. You've probably had French Toast, but have you ever had Pear Almond Cinnamon French Toast? We found this recipe from Healthy Little Cravings which is beyond amazing and takes only 20 minutes to prepare and cook!

As the day is drawing to a close, celebrate mum with a non traditional dessert that is bound to get sticky! A quick dash to the grocery store will provide you with all the ingredients you need to approach peaches in a brand new light just for her. This Roasted Peaches with Cinnamon Mascarpone dessert recipe from My Millennial Kitchen can be whipped up in 5 minutes and presented to the special lady in your life.


Whether it is a cocktail, mocktail or a hot cup of tea, your mum probably loves to unwind with her favourite drink in hand. For Mother's Day, treat your wife to her favourite drink by grabbing a bottle or two of her favourite wine or some ice cold Kombucha. Presentation is key so irrespective of her drink of choice, take it a step further by purchasing beautiful glassware along with fresh garnishing to give your mum or wife a totally new experience with drinking at home.

If your mum loves lemonade, she will definitely be in for a treat with this lavender infused lemonade. The refreshing and sweet Lavender Lemonade Cocktail from My Millennial Kitchen can be served as a mocktail or a cocktail with a crowd favourite, vodka.

If she loves a Gin & Tonic, she can appreciate the beauty of this cocktail with a Spanish flair. The Elderflower Spanish Gin & Tonic from Crafts and Cocktails is a take on the classic yet simple Gin & Tonic. Follow this 5 minute recipe using Grapefruit slices, Juniper Berries and a Rosemary sprig to garnish this oldie but goodie.

For any alcoholic drinks, we advise that only children above the legal drinking age should take on the role of a mixologist.


Bonding with mum over a movie, sports game, board game or even a karaoke sing off is the perfect way to end off your night. Your mum will appreciate spending any day with you, so think of what she loves to do and create an entire experience out of it. Example, if she loves watching movies, create a backyard movie experience using a projector and a screen you can buy off Amazon. Mimic elements of an actual theatre by creating movie tickets that "Admits One" and a concession stand that has all the theatre snacks and popcorn. Don't forget to create a cozy environment outdoors using all the throws and blankets you can find.

For those who can't celebrate Mother's Day in person because of the lockdown, celebrate her virtually and use this affordable Mother's Day Gift guide to purchase something special for her. No matter your proximity to your mother, celebrate and honour her through your words and actions.

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