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Quite frankly, International Women's Day was a concept I wasn't fully aware of until last year while running my very own small creative business. Learning about this beautiful day of celebration came at the perfect time for a woman starting a business as an immigrant. This newfound awareness allowed me to deeply reflect and value what it means to register and own a business. A sit down with myself highlighted just how valiant the women from before were and the understanding that their efforts have allowed us to live a blessed life, a life where we can own a business in our name. They carried our burdens on their backs, knocked down barriers, challenged societal norms and proved that our existence is of equal value.

In our line of work, we make it a point to celebrate women all year round through collaborations, referrals and positive reinforcement on a daily basis. March 8th, 2021 is officially our second year celebrating International Women’s Day at Style X Events and it feels so damn good to be unapologetically woman and work in an industry that is embellished by beautiful hard working women.

All throughout March, we will be celebrating women and their tremendous impact within our communities and the world at large. Women’s History Month allows us all to deeply reflect and recognize the endeavours that have allowed us to continue to be world changers, boldly think for ourselves and embody who we deem to be without fear of repercussion. It is equally important to recognize present day women who keep pushing boundaries and unearthing the limitless possibilities that are available to us.

My existence today and the ease at which I navigate the world is a gift handed down to us by yesterday's woman. I hope we pay it forward so that tomorrow's woman can weave through spaces much better than we currently are.

There is absolutely nothing we can't do ladies and I pray we have a strong and singular focus on this notion, because we will be relentless and fearless chasing our dreams each and every day.

Happy International Women’s Day!

With Love,

The Style X Events Team


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