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Our three part Home Edition | 2020 series would not have been complete without the inclusion of your little ones who have to unfortunately experience this period of isolation from friends, family members, classmates and outdoor spaces they are fond of. To put a smile on their faces, we explored the concept of repurposing, reimagining and utilizing kids' toys in a unique way that is specific to their preferences and style! Our goal throughout this process is to excitedly transform their everyday toys into something they can actually experience in a special new way.

We have provided a full list of the materials we used in our setup, but remember that our homes are unique to our personal styles and interests. It will serve you best to have a limitless and judgement free mindset when searching around the house for toys and materials that will aid in your setup. We hope this setup will be exceptionally fun for you as you create and execute your very own, "Kiddie Setup".

We hope the inner child in you will be jumping for joy as you see this concept to fruition. Using the materials found within the household, we would love to share with you all our final product.

Let us know what you think and don't forget to follow us on all social media platforms to keep up with our journey in Event Design and Styling.


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