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The second instalment of our Home Edition | 2020 series focuses on the entire family unit as a number of us are quarantining with family members. Depending on your preference, being able to stay indoors for an extended amount of time with those closest to you has been an optimal experience for some during this global crisis while others are graciously basking in their solitude.

Either way you look at it, being able to intentionally set aside time to celebrate the gift of life with your family or friends, specifically through technology is a way to stay connected and maintain some form of normalcy. For those of us living in North America, summer is approaching and Vitamin D does the body good so let's leave the four walls of our homes and venture out into our backyard or deck to have a picnic! The awesome touch of the sun against our skin and the freshness of the air helps that comes with being outside is especially good for our mental wellbeing during such uncertain times. In collaboration with Gugu Mpofu, we took the concept of a picnic as a means of connecting with family and friends over food and drinks while enjoying the great outdoors and applied it to two different settings. Style X Events focuses on family dynamics that involve family members residing in the same house. We hope to inspire you to experience the same activities you have been engaging in since the start of the lockdown such as eating, drinking and communicating in new spaces curated to your style, so you can mentally remove the feeling of being trapped indoors. Gugu Mpofu will be targeting those living far away from family and friends on her Instagram page, by showing you how to virtually create a picnic that you can enjoy with your friends while cheering them on from a distance. If you are new to this series, a quick summary should provide you with some much needed context. We started this series to encourage and inspire everyone to use the materials they find within their household to create unique setups for celebratory moments as this time period has rendered us stationary. Below is a complete list of items we used in our setup:

To see how we combined the materials listed above, please watch our visual how to guide:

It is important to work with what you have and turn the ordinary into extraordinary. For now, let's remember to have fun and create whatever it is you feel drawn to without any judgement. Stay Safe, Style X Events



Music: Malibu Instrumental

Artist: RYYZN

Instagram: @weareryzzn

1 comment

1 Comment

Gu M
Gu M
May 28, 2020

Loving this series! I'm glad I was able to collaborate with you.

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