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While designing our Christmas tablescape this year, steering clear of the traditional festive colours for Christmas was an intentional choice. We love some good ole traditions, but in the year of really asking questions to truly understand the 'why' of it all, we went as far as questioning the use of green and red during Christmas. Granted, we discovered that its roots are firmly planted in Christianity and wholeheartedly respect the significance of these colours along with their deep meaning.

We decided to go ahead with a non-traditional Christmas table setting and take the elaborate and boldest route. The idea of an unabashedly Pink Christmas greatly tickled us because of its stark contrast to a traditional Christmas table setting. We were honestly so excited to work off a unique colour scheme for the holidays and decided to bring you along the journey with us.


If it isn’t obvious already, our theme this year was, “A Pink Christmas” and we were wildly unapologetic about it. The key here is to stick to a theme and develop it further as you design the tablescape. Our theme developed into a pink Christmas overcome with texture. This keyword was so important to us because we wanted to see lots of texture distributed throughout the table and chose our décor pieces to align with this vision.


Our colour palette was hinged on the boldness of pink for our Pink Christmas theme. Gold, was an obvious front runner as it complements most colour schemes and provides a level of elegance that is unmatched. Choosing pops of cream helped to balance out the colour scheme beautifully. The combination of all three colours was seamless and spoke to our creative genius.


Texture is very important, both visual and physical. Applying textures and patterns to any design is quite straightforward because they can be incorporated through various mediums. Not only does the texture add depth to your design, it also adds visual interest which is key. Our centrepiece was burdened with textures and patterns as we introduced these elements through our choice of vase, candle holders, table cloth and dinnerware.


We played with height using the sculptural branches of pink baby’s breath as our highest points along with the selection of candle holders sparsely placed at their different heights. Playing around with scale and proportions is an effortless and fun way of adding drama to your tablescape so we recommend you really play around with this concept.


The décor in slight variations of pink, gold and cream was layered on the table in excitement as the design came together. To achieve our vision, we needed to outsource and work with amazing small businesses like W Events and Décor to achieve our vision. The muted pink tones and gold patterned plates were to die for as evident by the reaction in our How To guide. The cutlery and glasses couldn’t have complemented our theme any more. It was a perfect match! The candles and candleholders were also from Camilia which tied perfectly into our design.

Although fun and exciting, we still found ways to incorporate the holiday season into our design using staples as well as leaning on our perception of the world. The ornaments typically hung on Christmas trees made a great addition to the centrepiece while the pink branches mimicked the trees outdoors we see in the winter months.

The autonomy you have over your creative direction is a powerhouse so draw inspiration from the world around you just like we did. Styling a tablescape can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.

There is freedom in styling devoid of any occasion so create something unique and fun this year!


Style X Events Team


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