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If you've ever volunteered or been tasked to host a baby shower for someone you love dearly, we can all relate to the pressure you must be feeling to produce something magical for the mum to be! You definitely want baby's pre-arrival party to be filled with infectious laughter, high energy and an amazing ambiance but you think to yourself, where do I even start? You can start off by picking a theme, exploring said theme and sticking to it!

There are countless baby shower themes to choose from and if you are bored of baby showers that explores gender specifically through colour, a gender neutral baby shower might be what you need. Even deeper than that, some people prefer that their child determines their own gender while others simply don't like the undertone of the gender classification of colours. Whatever you reason may be, we will be exploring a series of Gender Neutral Baby Shower themes that you can easily adopt to create the perfect baby shower for your loved ones. Gender neutral baby shower themes are buildable and easily customizable which we love.


We all witnessed the rollout of Malika Huqq's Teddy Bear Baby Shower that took Instagram by storm! Flawlessly designed and executed by the incredible Mindy Weiss, this gender neutral baby shower was truly refreshing as every detail was paid attention to without being overbearing.

As you begin to conceptualize your very own Teddy Bear Baby Shower theme, ask yourself these very important questions:

  1. What is my experience with bears or teddy bears?

  2. How do I feel about bears or teddy bears?

  3. Which three words come to mind when I think of bears or teddy bears?

  4. With a better understanding of bears, how can I depict this concept through flowers, balloons, stationery, food and decor?

  5. Is there a cultural depiction of bears or teddy bears that will help elevate the design?

By answering these questions, you'll be able to draft the framework that your design will be hinged on. For a Teddy Bear Baby Shower theme, you don't want to get carried away by saturating your design with bear like concepts in every corner of the room. Instead, be very selective with what you decide to use and choose items that have high impact! You can infuse a little bit of bear in your menu, tableware, decor, flowers and games to create the perfect little details.

It is not surprising to see that Teddy Bear themed showers with a neutral colour palette are at the top of everyone's list! The strong affinity for working within neutral colourways might be because these are simply just beautiful colours or because they are deemed gender neutral. Don't be tricked into thinking you have to adhere to earthy tones to achieve a gender neutral event. Colour is limitless so be creative with your colour choices as you decide the perfect colour story to your gender neutral event.

Just as there are different coloured bears roaming the forests and wildlife, there are as many diverse colour palettes that aren't gender specific to create a magical experience for everyone present.

We love the earth toned baby showers, but if you aren't interested in an all brown shower, wait till we show you the Teddy Bear shower we are working on with an unexpected colour story!

The best part about Teddy Bear themes is that the decor can be repurposed! If you used actual teddy bears, they will be a great addition to the little one's nursery. We can bearly wait to see what designs you come up with and after reading this, we know you have the best resources to create an amazing baby shower. Don't forget to prioritize mum to be's comfort and taste when hosting this epic baby shower. Design and plan this baby shower with love and you will be guaranteed that baby's pre-arrival party will be filled with infectious laughter, high energy and an amazing ambiance.

As we explore and expand our Gender Neutral Baby Showers series, make sure you revisit this series for updates! We would love to hear from you by letting us know in the comments what you think.

With Love, The Style X Events Team

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