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Wedding & Event Planning can bring the strongest individual to their knees if organization isn't a core aspect of their planning process! To reduce the mental roadblocks that comes with the planning process, we've designed a WEDDING & EVENT PLANNER that is easy to use and allows you to financially track your expenses against your budget, streamline your guest experience from beginning to end and stay on top of all your to do list items in an efficient manner.

To access our FREE WEDDING & EVENT PLANNER, click on the link below to get IMMEDIATE access to your new planner!


Formatted in excel, the Wedding & Event Planning contains 7 tabs in total with a focus on 4 keys areas to streamline your planning process. Click on the video above for an in depth tutorial on how to use the planner!


Organization with your finances is key when planning any event! Keeping track of your expenses will help you stay within your budget and provide you with insight on how to reallocate funds to meet your targeted financial goal.

  • Track INCOMING FUNDS (INCOME) by completing Columns E and F highlighted in GREEN

  • Track OUTGOING FUNDS (EXPENSES) by completing Columns E and F highlighted in BLUE

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 11.58.12 PM.png


Your guest experience begins by enlisting the help of your guests to identify their contact information, meal preferences and dietary restrictions. Tracking attendance is the next step as the guest count has a direct correlation to your expenses. 

  • Track your GUESTS ATTENDANCE and DIETARY RESTRICTIONS choosing from the dropdown options in Columns H, I and K of the TRACKING SYSTEM


Track the SEATING ARRANGEMENT of all your guests using the SEATING tab to enhance your guest experience

  • Using the TABLE STYLE GUIDE in the SEATING tab, assign TABLE & SEAT NUMBERS to your guests by choosing from the dropdown options in Cells C, D and E

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 6.12.01 PM.png


Keeping abreast with your daily checklist will ensure that items that need to be actioned are executed in a timely manner, outstanding payments made and all other planning functions are recorded and organized for efficiency

  • Record and track your TASK, ASSIGNED TO and DUE DATE by inputting information in Columns B, D and F

  • Using the dropdown options in Columns C and E, identify the PRIORITY LEVEL and STATUS of the task for completion

Hope you found this useful for your upcoming event. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the file, let us know and we will update it accordingly! Email us at

Wishing you an organized and stress free planning process!

With Love, 

The Style X Events Team

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