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Apr 29, 2020 | 3 Min Read | Style X Events

Financial preparation is a key aspect of the wedding and event planning process. Here are 4 Key Factors associated with event planning:

01. Understanding The Industry

02. Understanding Your Geographic Location

03. Understanding What's Within Your Control

04. Understanding Your Finances


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Event Decor Industry

Hello Everyone!

This journal entry as I like to call it, is a bit of a personal one. I am sharing excerpts from a personal note to myself from 2019 when I finally decided to launch Style X Events as a business in servitude of others. Reflection is key in our personal growth because when we look back to reflect on our experiences we either see just how good of a job we did weathering the storms, affirming our capability of getting through trials or we take away key lessons from those experiences which equips us with the expertise to apply said lessons to different areas of our lives, ultimately leading to personal growth!


Choosing to intentionally reflect on this amazing journey I have been blessed with, I came across so many materials which reminded me of exact points in time where I was at a crossroads. This note to myself serves as a reminder of the commencement of this journey and affirmed my WHY which encouraged me to never give up. You might be wondering why I would provide the entire world with access to my inner most dialogue but I believe the overarching message is still relevant and applicable to anyone's life:

  1. Life is really a journey we embark on filled with uncertainties yet, our actions and choices in combination with external factors determine the outcome of this journey.

  2. Explore different avenues through creative expression until you finally land on what it is you were called to do. Don't give up!

  3. Be grateful for your journey and allow it to positively shape you as you in turn help others.

  4. Don't wait to become the woman or man that has it all together ten years from now but rather embody that person today while you make those big decisions.

  5. In times of hardship, reflect on your journey to know exactly why you started which will hopefully reenergize you as you take on new challenges.

Remember to be kind to yourself, trust your instincts and aim to be better than you were yesterday.




Journal Entry 001


Creative expression, despite it being our birthright, is not always explored due to limiting self beliefs. Each and every one of us beautiful souls on this earth is currently expressing our creativity through a medium unique to each individual. I encourage everyone to become the person that they envision themselves to be in 10 years at this very moment, because tomorrow is a distant future if you never make a move today. I always dreamt of expressing myself through creative endeavours and creating Style X Events has been a beautiful journey where I have pushed myself to create something out of nothing and share a piece of my thoughts in the creative space.


Cultivating the habit of exercising the creative part of my brain was a conscious decision on my part to acquaint myself better with that untapped part of my being. This journey started off with piecing outfits together, setting aside time to draw every Friday after work, perusing through interior design and event styling visuals and eventually styling events for families and friends. My interests led me to learn the language of design through the Interior Design Institute where I dedicated a year of my life to completing assignments devoted to creating beautiful yet functional spaces. I am taking this formal knowledge and applying it to my experience with putting things together through my chosen medium, event styling.

To tap into creative ways to better serve others by formulating both tangible and intangible experiences that would embody their vision is a privilege I will uphold with each partnership. When I am able to add value to someone else's life through event design and styling, even if just for a moment, then I have played an important role in their journey which means even more to me as life is made up of interconnected paths and journeys.


The road ahead is never going to be linear nor predictable, but I am excited to see how my journey plays out! Remember this - everyday is an opportunity to step into the shoes of the woman I envision 5 years from now because she won't come to me, I have to go get her! I will continue to wear her shoes and put one foot forward as I eagerly play an active role in my journey.


From Me to You,


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