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Our 'Ultra Feminine' table setting was inspired by a picture of my mother and I posted to our Instagram page in 2021 to commemorate Mother's Day and celebrate the beautiful and ever evolving relationships we have with the mother figures in our lives. The vibrant energy emitting from our colourful outfits inspired me to create a table setting in a pink and yellow colour palette that was unabashedly feminine. I vividly remember this day in Accra when we decided to host Christmas at our house for the first time ever surrounded by our immediate family and indulging in delectable food catered by Buka. This pink outfit was the first of three outfits I wore that day ranging in style but I'm so glad this moment was captured in my pink outfit which complimented my mum's tailored yellow outfit.


Inspired by the beautiful colours and genuine joy shared in this moment, this styled shoot features a feminine and bold energy that is characterized by the curved lines, soft textures and opulent details. We love working with Special Events Rentals for luxurious table top iems that elevate the entire look and feel of your table and Wedding Dreams Kitchener for always providing us with furniture rentals that strengthen the foundation of our design. Working on this design was a fun process which you can watch here.


This shoot is dedicated to all the maternal influence that continue to surround me. To my sister Nicole who is frighteningly good at shouldering the responsibilities of motherhood and exemplifying the strength of a provider, both grandmothers Elizabeth & Mispah who fuelled my passion for flowers, raised us in an environment that taught us the values of manners and thoughtfulness and my mother Christine who never fails to encourage us, shower us with prayers and blessings and most importantly, pushes us to be exemplary members of society.

We truly enjoy what we do and can't wait to celebrate with you!

Design and Styling, Florals & Stationery: Style X Events

Charger Plates, Cutlery & Glasses: Special Events Rental

Table, Chairs & Linen: Wedding Dream Decor

Photography: Moments with Matt

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