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At Style X Events, our approach to design and styling focuses on the five senses when plotting any design aesthetic. We always find ourselves asking how best our creations and partnerships will engage with each sense to leave an inedible mark on your brain. To make your event visually impactful, we design and style events using every tool we possess by combining a working floor plan with balloon garlands, backdrops, custom signage and stationary, florals, tablescape and decorative pieces.



We love working balloons into our designs because the versatility of balloons is unmatched! Working with different shapes, sizes and colour combinations of high quality balloons, have resulted in extraordinary balloon garlands and balloon walls. 


Designing floral arrangements and installations that speak to your event is a task we honour through exceptional designs. Choosing the right combination of florals and greenery will inject warmth, elevate the ambiance and arouse visual interest. 

The unique experience of having a product or service custom made to your needs and style is one we'll like to extend and share with you all. Whether you love just our balloon garlands or floral arrangements, this package gives you the option to decide which combination of products and services you require for your big day. Our roster features products that are high in quality so you can't go wrong with choosing any one of our services from the custom package.

                                    Starting from $500


As a staple in the event planning business, backdrops allow you to capture breathtaking photos to mark these treasured moments in time. To set the tone, we carefully select backdrops that play a vital role in the ambiance of your event.


The floor plan is the foundation on which we build our design aesthetic as is it is crucial to the success of any event. Establishing the proper layout determines the level of interaction and engagement which enhances the overall experience of you and your guests.





Customized menus, banners and signage add a personal touch to your event. Our clients always love to see their names highlighted for all to see as it is truly emphasizes their star power on their special day. We specialize in bold and subtle designs to suit your preferences.



Creatively styling any tabletop to convey a specific theme allows us to beautifully present your food and drinks to your guests. At your dinner party or bridal shower, we want you to share your meal with family and friends in a stylish and gracious manner elevating your dining experience. 

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