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From the moment I connected with Nicole to create this vibrant setup for her daughter's first birthday shoot, I knew it was going to be a special and memorable shared experience. Lockdown restrictions during the pandemic prevented Nicole from having an intimate gathering with her closest family and friends, so with little to no persuasion, she was enamoured by the idea of having a photoshoot at home that a photographer could easily capture.


Working with a blank canvas, we drew inspiration from our interactions with her daughter, Sydney who is vibrant, adventurous and operates as freely as a winged magical creature. We designed Sydney's photoshoot to be reminiscent of a child happily running through a gorgeous enchanted garden full of vibrant colours that captured her essence. Like any garden, there is an overwhelming abundance of fragrant flowers that are visited by insects each day so we joyously settled on butterflies to represent our winged friends.


For this themed photoshoot, we centred Sydney's experience around the one object she used daily - her high chair and built the base using balloons in vibrant colours. We brought in texture by adorning the legs of the high chair with a medley of flowers and accented it with butterflies to drive home the theme. As an adventurous child with the spirit of a butterfly, being able to contain her in one space at a time was crucial to capture the perfect picture.

We stayed along to watch Sydney get to work and she had such an exhilarating experience surrounded by all these balloons and butterflies. Being able to setup within the comfort of Nicole's home allowed us to create a safe space for Sydney and ensure that her day was truly special. 

Design and Styling: Style X Events

Balloon Installation, Florals, Rentals and Signage: Style X Events

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