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Style X Events was birthed from a desire to make an impact in the creative space and lend our unique voice to the world of event decor and styling. Our team is equipped with the mindset and skill-set to create beautiful and functional spaces where great energies, fun, laughter and memories can reside. Style X Events denotes a very simple and applied equation we bring to your event. Our tried and tested application of impeccable style with your special unrealized event creates enthralling experiences through design and decor. 


Our mission is to vividly transpose your authentic and comprehensive ideas into works of art that we are both proud of. Through our creative direction, meticulous attention to details and planning as well as our modern approach to design and execution, we provide an unmatched quality and level of service. We believe that a well designed event should have an impact on all your senses so we focus on captivating every sense of your being which ultimately results in a one of a kind experience.


At Style X Events, we guarantee that X marks the intersection of style and events!



Welcome to Style X Events!  


As the lead designer of Style X Events, I am truly blessed to be able to use my passion for styling spaces to create and relay the stories of others through a well designed layout. The Style X Events journey has been an exciting one filled with many different levels of self discovery and growth. I am inspired by the world we live in and enjoy each moment I spend in silence saying a word of gratitude for all the beauty that is around us.


As a little girl, I immersed myself in the world of video games playing Nintendo and Playstation while simultaneously writing and producing outlandish productions starring my loyal Barbie dolls. My imagination and sense of creativity were explored in many different ways, however, I yearned to express myself through a medium where I truly created something out of nothing.


Style X Events was established to express my creativity and transform ideas and thoughts into tangible items and experiences through my chosen medium, event design and styling. Through this medium, I am able to explore and share my creativity in service to others which always leaves me fulfilled. 

I look forward to working with you!


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