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We’ve all had big events to plan such as birthday parties, speaking events, weddings etc that just seem to be stressful, then in a blink of an eye they’re over! For some, all the stress of planning, imposter syndrome anxieties, and the worry that people won’t attend or enjoy themselves at your event can take away from being present in the moment.

I want to share how you can bring more peace and mindfulness during the planning stage and even while at these precious events that you’ve worked so hard for.

We’re going to break this up into 3 parts; before, during, and after your big event. Let’s dive right in.


Here are 2 tips before your event that can bring more peace and mindfulness during these big events. The first tip is journaling! You have thoughts, fears, and anxiety that are all running at the same time as your daily life. So dedicate a few minutes or times a week to clear some space in your mind to execute plans with more direction and clarity.

The next tip is to lean into your trusted community and share the fears that you may have. We tend to suppress our fears and what scares us to avoid bringing those fears to reality. The more you lean into those fears, you’ll realize that these fears are much smaller than we give them credit. Once we start disclosing these problems we can find future solutions to the problems.


Here are 2 tips that you can use during your event. The first tip is to include breathing exercises that can bring you out of worry and into a state of peace and mindfulness.

Your mind is going a mile a minute during this moment and you might be scared or disconnected from this event. During moments where you are in a state of panic take deep breaths through your belly to send energy throughout your whole body. Here is a simple breathing exercise that you can use to bring more mindfulness

The next tip that is useful during big events is to perform affirmations in the superman pose to bring more confidence into the moment. Whether you’re at a proposal, doing a motivational speech, getting married or you’re a stylist you are here at this moment because it makes you happy. So channel those emotions away from the fear and into words of encouragement.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to create your own affirmations that are specific to the event that you’re hosting:

  • What does this event mean to you?

  • Why did you want to do it?

  • What about this event makes you happy?

Here are affirmations that are useable in many situations:

  • I am happy and confident in this moment

  • I am present and connected in this moment

  • I am a creator of joy and happiness

  • Everything works in my favour

  • I believe in myself and my abilities

  • I have such amazing faith and confidence in myself


This is your moment to destress to come back to yourself and celebrate the stillness. You’d be surprised at how quickly negative self talk, self criticism, and judgement can come creeping in. You’ve done all the planning, practicing, anticipation you made it. Let’s get into some tips that can help you highlight your accomplishments.

The first thing you can start with is Mindfulness Meditation so that you can separate yourself from replaying the past and planning for the future. Take the time to cool down and be still in this moment. Here is an easy mindfulness meditation that you can use:

The next tip is to move your body and shake off any physical anxiety that you might be feeling. Our bodies hold on to stress and this is a great way to loosen up your muscles and also find more peace and mindfulness. So go for a walk, run, dance, just get physical and shake all that stress away.

So what was your favourite tip?

With Love,

Gugu Mpofu


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Gu M
Gu M
May 17, 2021

It was great writing this blog post, thank you for curating a space to share these tips 🧡

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