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Decisions, decisions, decisions! To make the decision making process easier, we offer the following packages that gives you the flexibility and control over your events. Whether you employ our full design service or retain our services for your specific needs, you will undoubtedly receive the same level of commitment and level of quality of products and services. 


We all get excited at the thought of a big package. The sizing of the box quickly primes us to believe that the treasure that awaits is well worth it! More often than not, we are never disappointed by a big box. Our full package is that big package you can't wait to open, so peep inside our big box to unveil and experience the unique stories that Styles X Events creates and delivers.




The unique experience of having a product or service custom made to your needs and style is one we'll like to extend and share with you all. Whether you love just our balloon garlands or floral arrangements, this package gives you the option to decide which combination of products and services you require for your big day. Our roster features products that are high in quality so you can't go wrong with choosing any one of our services from the custom package.


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