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At Style X Events, we love a good party but we especially love children's parties for the opportunity to be wildly creative and create unique experiences for our little friends. Growing up in Ghana, birthday celebrations for kids were always such a huge event that started off with dance offs, exciting games and activities that left us begging for more. 

We're thrilled to share the story of an enchanting first birthday celebration that we had the privilege of designing. For Ariel's first birthday, we designed a "Balloons & Bear" themed party that was nothing short of spectacular. Celebrating kids' birthdays has become such a fun and exciting aspect of this job that we always look forward to!

When Halima reached out for a simple yet visually effective way to celebrate her daughter Ariel at home, we were more than excited to work with her for a second time! We worked with her almost a year ago designing and styling her son Israel's Monster Truck themed party and developed a great understanding of her expectations. Eager to celebrate their little one's milestone, Ariel's parents wanted a balloon installation inspired by a tiered cake to serve as the perfect backdrop for pictures. Thus, the theme "Balloons and Bears" was born to capture the essence of childhood joy and effortlessly embody both the playful spirit of kids and the cuddly charm of teddy bears.

We executed this theme in a colour palette rich in pink and gold hues accented by greens to reflect the natural elements. Taking into account the existing structure and size of the space, we created a single backdrop design inspired by the edible balls and adorable bear cake topper from the reference picture we were shown. We then combined the whimsical nature of balloons and cuddly bears into the backdrop for a charming aesthetic.

Balloons & Bear Theme

Secret Garden

The birthday cake decorated with edible balloons and adorable bears in pink bows was a masterpiece that seamlessly tied the theme together.

The combination of whimsical balloons and cuddly bears  created a perfect balance.


Balloons bring an air of festivity and excitement, while teddy bears are synonymous with comfort and cuddles, making them a lovely symbol of the Ariel's first year of life.

For the overall design, we expanded on the "Balloons and Bears" theme by exploring the relationship of bears, bees and flowers. We effectively conveyed the interconnectedness of these elements with the use of fresh florals and greenery, honey pots and bees displayed throughout the design. The adorable bear illustrations and balloon-themed accents inscribed in our wooden structures was the perfect amount of detail to pull in the overall design. If you are interested in seeing how we pulled this together, you can take a peek at how we assembled each piece together. 

Choosing the right theme for a first birthday party is a crucial decision. The Balloons and Bear theme was the perfect choice as it is both visually appealing and meaningful. Balloons bring an air of festivity and excitement, while teddy bears are synonymous with comfort and cuddles, making them a lovely symbol of the Ariel's first year of life. Needless to say, the family was able to capture amazing shots of Ariel with family and friends to celebrate her first year. We truly enjoy what we do and can't wait to celebrate with many more kids!​

Media 1

If you enjoyed this piece, you can discover more birthday parties we have designed for kids! to spark your crativity. Stay tuned for more event design inspiration, and let us know your favorite party theme ideas.


Concept Creation, Balloon Installation, Florals & Signage: Style X Events

Rentals: S.X.E Rentals

Cake: AfroCocoCakes

Photography: Moments with Matt Photography

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