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April 3, 2022 | 3 Min Read | Style X Events


Being financially prepared

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UNDERSTANDING your Gepgraphic location

Many of us have emerged from the pandemic with a different outlook on life - we've grown to deeply value the human existence and respect the value of time. An extra 24 hours on this earth is a blessing and an extra 365 days is boastful! For some, we've made the choice to revel in each passing moment and celebrate ourselves and others for simply being present.


Birthdays are the perfect vessel to channel our newfound appreciation for life by celebrating not only ourselves but those around us through varied experiences. Turning a year older at any age is worth celebrating but many of us get stumped when deciding how best to celebrating milestone birthdays because of the importance we've placed on them as a society.


If you or a loved one has an upcoming milestone birthday, we hope you'll find these tips useful as you kick off your milestone year:


As a new parent, there is no better feeling of pride and joy that comes with your child turning a year older. The first year is a very special one because it marks the first of many! As parents, you might prioritize surrounding your child with relatives or creating an environment so intimate that all the focus is on your child. If you value the memories that your child can hold onto forever, definitely opt for a photoshoot.


For Sydney's 1st birthday, we designed a concept that captured her vibrant and adventurous personality using colours and elements that reflected those qualities. Our choice in fresh flowers, butterflies and bold balloon colours created an exciting environment that was a reflection of the radiance that Sydney's parents experience each day spent with her.

SOURCE: Special Events Rentals

02. Understanding Your Geographic Location

Some people might ask, "is 25 a milestone birthday?"It absolutely is in our calendar! A quarter of a decade on this earth is worth celebrating in a BIG way.


We transformed Sandra's living room to celebrate her 25th birthday with her closest friends and family. For a brunch enthusiast and lover of pink, we conceptualized "A Boozy Brunch" theme that incorporated pink shots into the tablescape along with customized details. Incorporating the bold marquee numbers is a definite way to never forget this milestone birthday.

03. Understanding What’s Within Your Control

As we transition from our 20s to our 30s, it might feel like a crossover from pretend adulthood to real adulthood. Depending on your individual journey, this shift in mindset might usher in deep reflection and shedding of many layers to feel renewed. Your social circle might be the most intimate it has ever been which makes it the perfect opportunity to celebrate your birthday in lavish style.


For Colette's 30th, we designed and styled an intimate outdoor celebration for 3 of her favourite girlfriends with the simplest of touches to honour her renewed mindset. We outfitted the backyard with lights to create the most spectacular ambiance for an outdoor movie and games night.

04. Understanding Your Financial Situation

Armed with an understanding of how the industry works and how your location has a direct impact on your pockets, I hope you are able to acknowledge that planning an event is a luxury for which you must decide if you are financially able and willing to commit to. If you are, you can then decide just how much of your time and money will go into event planning and design. You have to factor in time because time really is money! Okay so now that you have this nice figure in your head, ask yourself if you are able to enlist the services of an Event Designer or take the DIY approach which works out well for so many. Remember, event design is a luxury service no matter the experience of the Designer as you are exchanging convenience for an investment in their time and expertise to produce an event that you are emotionally invested in. I always recommend saving towards anything! Whether you are turning 30 and are looking for a way to celebrate or planning your 2025 wedding, start saving now so you build up enough funds to afford your idea of a stunning and well produced event.

**Here are two different events, 1 is DIY and the other done by an hich are both fabulous

Finally, no matter how you celebrate your birthday, don't forget to have fun, prioritize your well being and revel in the beauty of life!


If you enjoy celebrating your birthday, we would love to celebrate with you too! Connect with us today so we can work out how best to celebrate your milestone birthday.


With Love,

The Style X Events Team




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